The DJI Osmo Pocket is made as a modular camera system that is meant to have multiple accessories. In this video, I break down what are my top 10 favorite accessories after using the camera for a full year. 
📹📸All my accessories for my DJI Osmo Pocket: 
1. Wireless (Wifi) Adapter for Osmo Pocket
59$ USD
My favorite accessory is the wireless module. I was surprised to learn that the camera didn't have wireless functionalities built-in. With that being said I leave the wireless module attached to the camera most of the time when I am filming a vlog or tutorial.

For example, I currently using it with the active track functionality to control the camera wirelessly. There is almost no lag and the picture quality is great which allows me to check the focus and adjust the picture without having to run back and forth to the camera. It also gives access to more advanced settings like the active track, zebra, girds, a histogram and much more. I use active track all the time when filming these videos to get shots of myself and the wireless module is essential to set up the shot.

Another use case is at family parties or during trips where I can place the camera and capture reactions without having to be as intrusive.
2. Official Controller for Osmo Pocket
59$ USD
The second accessory is the official controller. Most times when I use the camera I don't want to connect to the app because I like being able to quickly capture content. This is where the controller becomes useful. I can simply take out the camera of my pocket and get very precise to control the movement of the camera.
It also helps when you are using the front-facing mode with face tracking. The camera will always try to center your face but you can you the controller to place your face in a better-looking angle.
The controller also has two extra buttons to turn around the camera and change the gimbal mode. These two buttons alone save so much time.
3. PGYTECH Gimbal Protector for OSMO Pocket
13$ USD
A lens protector is an essential piece of gear to add to the setup but not necessarily the most exciting. The case that comes with the camera doesn't work with the wireless module which doesn't make it very useful.
I scratched the lens a few times by having the camera in my pocket with keys and other accessories so I would highly recommend buying a cover like the PSYtech cover. I went with this one because it's work with all my other accessories.
These three accessories are what I think everyone should get as a basic setup. It gives more advanced control on the camera and adds some protection. Is this also your base setup with the camera? Let me know in the comments below!
4.1 Official Action Mount
19$ USD
Now, what should you do if you want to get more creative shots and attach the camera on a GoPro mount?
The action mount that comes in the kit is great. It wraps all around the camera to make sure it's very well attached. This is the one I use when I want to be sure that the camera is safely attached. It has a GoPro connector and works great with most GoPro accessories you might already have laying around.
4.2 Skyreat Mount
15$ USD
There is one big downside to this mount and it's that the controller and other accessories usually can't be used at the same time. This is why I bought this small Ulanzi attach. Its small form factor allows us to use it with the controller and the wireless module attached. It also allows having the connector in the front which is using when you want to use the front-facing camera. The biggest downside is that it's hard to put on and off because it's a tight fit.
5. JOBY GorillaPod 325
23$ USD
Talking of mounts, my next accessory is the Jobi tripod. I don't think I need to go to much in-depth about this tripod. It's very practical with its flexible legs that allow to mount it to almost anything. It's also great to make the field of view a little bit wider when vlogging. I always have the tripod with me when I go shooting with the Osmo Pocket.
6. ULANZI Handheld Phone Holder
17$ USD
This is one of the new accessories I got and probably one that I prefer. One of the big problems with the screen on the camera is that you can't see if your image is in focus.
This is especially useful when vlogging. For example, I am using it right now to see if I am in focus. It's also very useful when I am trying to get more creative shots and that I want a better screen to view the result.
The mount also acts as a great mount for the camera! It can quickly mount it by simply pushing it in and it holds tightly together. I bought the Ulanzi and it's made of metal which is great because I know the phone and the camera are secured.
For people with Android phones, there is a known bug where the camera charges your phone if you plug it in directly which drains a lot of more the battery. As a workaround, I simply use the wireless adapter.
The phone mount is a must if you are vlogging and a great addition if you are looking to get better shots.
7. PowerDeWise Pro Lavalier Microphone
19$ USD
In my review, I talked about the fact that the audio onboard is decent but not great. I decided to use a lav mic I had and it helped a lot to get better audio.
I used to simply plug it in an old phone I had and use that as an external recorder. I didn't want to buy the adapter because it was quite expensive but I recently found a knockoff that works perfectly for less than half the price. The only downside is that it only works with ???. If your microphone had four sections on the pin it won't work, it only works if you have 3 sections. Gladly, my lav microphone had an adapter included.
I would recommend getting this adapter and the lav if you are vlogging. If you want to get better audio of the surrounding for your b-roll, you can purchase the rode VideoMicro and put on the shoe mount of the phone mount.
8. OSMO Pocket Z-Axis 4th Axis Stabilizer
23$ USD
This is one accessory where I have mixed feelings about it. Basically, the Osmo Pocket is only a 3 axis stabilizer so it moves up and down quite a lot when walking with it. The idea of the 4th axis stabilizer is to remove this movement.
In my test, it works decently well for to compensate my walking shots but it's doesn't perform quite as well when using the hyperlapse feature. Here are some comparison shots. You can see that the image is more stable but it still has some movement in it.
If you are considering getting this accessory, I would look at the more expensive version made by Scotty makes stuff. It has more precise adjustments to get better results. I would only recommend this if getting smooth walking shots is a must for you.
9. PolarPro ND Filter 3-Pack for DJI Osmo Pocket
40$ USD
Since the beginning of the video, you probably noticed that I have a little black filter on the camera and that I didn't talk about it. This is called and ND filter and you can think about it as sunglasses for your camera. I bought the Polar Pro Standard ND filter Kit.
We use ND filters in a video to get a more cinematic image. Let's do a little test!
If I leave the camera on its auto settings the shutter speed will be quite high and it creates this very choppy look when I move my hand.
Now if I put the filter on, set the shutter speed to double the framerate, so 1/50 of second because I currently film at 24 fps, we get this nice motion blur.
It's even more noticeable if I freeze the two frames.
I would only recommend buying ND filters if you are serious about getting a cinematic image. You have to change them every time the lighting changes so it removes so of the convenience of the Osmo Pocket. In exchange, you get a more cinematic image!
10. Anker PowerCore 13000
32$ USD
The last Item is probably one you already have: a battery pack. The camera has a built-in battery that usually lasts me for a full day. If I have a more intense shooting like today, I usually have to charge the camera. The great thing that you can charge the camera while still shooting so you don't have to have any interruptions.
The battery pack is also useful to charge my phone if the battery is getting low.
Keep in mind that you probably don't need all these accessories. They become quite expensive if you buy all of them: For example, the total of all the accessories I presented came just over 260$ USD. If you are just starting, I suggest buying the expansion kit. Don't buy the accessories individually, the expansion kit is 109$ but individually they cost 153$. If you are looking to get the most cinematic results, I would add a pack of ND filters and you should be good to go!

➡️Extra accessory I forgot to talk about (a must-have!):

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